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Who I Am

I am Mike Lewis, the photographer who created Thin Air Photography. I enjoy shooting landscapes, which makes it a lucky coincidence that I live in one of the most scenic areas of the USA. I have also been blessed to have been able to share my love of photography with my wife and family on many of our trips. Traveling to scenic locations has always been a passion of mine and I continue to visit beautiful locations both near and far from Colorado in search of my images whenever possible. I like creating panoramas and I utilize HDR techniques in some of my images but only to try to make the camera captures more closely resemble what I experienced with my eyes when I looked at the scene. I am also a dedicated astrophotographer, which is very challenging and demanding, but can really yield some breathtaking images when all of the elements are able to come together. I have also now started to pursue an interest in wildlife photography with many subjects often located in similar locations to those that yield magnificent scenic vistas as well. I hope you find some images that you can enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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