Here are some links to inspiring and informative sites related to photography and astrophotography. I hope you enjoy them.


Photographers Who Have Inspired Me

  • Stefan Forster - Stefan is a fantastic landscape photographer who has a breathtaking style and an accomplished eye for catching that amazing dramatic light! While based in Switzerland, Stefan pursues his passion for scenic shooting full-time, traveling the world to many of the most amazing scenic destinations around the globe. When he is not out shooting on his own he is frequently leading photo tours to many of the same beautiful destinations. I hope to take one of his tours someday.
  • Cody Duncan - Cody is a photographer who now lives in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, a phenomenally scenic place even by Norwegian standards (the entire country is truly a photographer's dream.)  An amazing photographer in his own right, Cody also provides a wealth of critical information for anyone planning a trip to this special location, most of it offered free on his website He also offers some very comprehensive eBooks on the area as well which are very reasonably priced. A visit to his site to see his work is well worth the effort, and if you are planning on a trip to Lofoten, his site is a must see location prior to leaving on your trip.
  • Tim Fitzharris - Tim is not only a master level scenic photographer, but also the author of some excellent books on the subject like this one that was very inspirational for me as I was getting started. He is a great teacher and a phenomenal talent when it comes to landscape shooting, and is also a very accomplished wildlife photographer as well. Also be sure to check out his website:
  • Andrew Turner - Andrew hails form the UK, and has a very prolific site on flickr A visit is sure to provide some excitement and inspiration.

Astrohotographers Who Have Inspired Me

The field of astrophotography taken with commercial equipment (I hesitate to call many of the following folks amateur astrophotographers) has blown up in just the few short years that I have been involved.  Here are just some of the many folks who have inspired me in this challenging endeavor:

  • Rogelio Bernal Andreo - A visit to Rogelio's is almost a religous ewxperience, as the extreme dedication, expertise, and long hours of data collection and processing produce some of the largest detailed images seen anywhere. Even seemingly common subjects take on a whole new aspect when imaged so deeply. A must see website.
  • Sara Wager - Sara's work is an absolute inspiration to many in the hobby, as she has posted in her blog and online about many of her experiences as she has rocketed up the astroimaging learning curve. She is a particularly accomplished imager in narrowband, which not only requires the usual commitment to mastery of equipment and long hours collecting data, but also a very skilled eye while going through all the extra steps required to make a striking image when the mix and intensity of the colors are completely arbitrary and up to the creator's whim. Looking at her galleries on her website it is hard to imagine she has only been seriously pursuing the hobby since about 2010. 
  • Ignacio Diaz Bobillo - Ignacio's fine website is a testament to what can be accomplished using a DSLR for astrophotography. Although he appears to be in the midst of upgrading his equipment as I write this (Jan 2017),  I think most if not all his very fine portfolio of astro images up until now have been captured using Canon DSLRs. He has built a couple of home brew coolers for his DSLRs along the way, to mitigate the noise issues they pose with long exposures. But his best resource of all, in addition to his obvious patience and skill, is likely the dark skies he is able to take advantage of.
  • Jerry Lodriguss - Jerry, while contributing many excellent astro images in his own right, also has provided an indispensable service to countless beginners in the hobby, by providing the very best resources (both online and as inexpensive CD books) to anyone trying to demystify the activity of astroimaging. I am definitely one of those beginners, who eventually bought and got great usage from 3 of his excellent instructional CDs