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Finally, had a chance to see a total eclipse in person, and it certainly did not disappoint! Wow. Words and even really pictures cannot do it justice, as a total solar eclipse is really not something you see but something you experience! And what an experience it was. I was set up in a field right outside of the east entrance to the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, and was able to get some good images of the sun before, during, and after totality. But the best part was, I had automated my camera control so I was able to actually watch the eclipse with family and friends instead of fiddling with gear the whole time. Even so, it all seems to happen so fast, and is so overwhelming it is virtually impossible to take it all in. My wife and I may have become instant overnight eclipse chasers on the spot. Oh rats, we are going to have to go to another one I guess :)
Totality!ProminencesThe Diamond RingA partial SliverThe Moon DepartsTotal Eclipse Composite