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After over a year in planning, my trip to set up my gear remotely at Frank's Green Valley house became a casualty of the COVID-19 travel restrictions. Fortunately though, Frank was able to set things up down there for me. There were some issues with networking, and some issues with some new equipment added to my imaging train, but in spite of that, I was able to remotely control all my equipment and took almost as much data in this one session as I have taken up to this point in my astrophotography career. Given the time required to post process, I will be adding images here as time permits over the next month or so.

All in all a very successful initial checkout of the remote control concept!
Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) WidefieldMarkarian's ChainM81-M82 WidefieldElephant's Trunk in NarrowbandThe Eagle Nebula (M16), in NarrowbandThe Swan (Omega) Nebula (M17) In NarrowbandThe Whale and Hockey Stick Galaxies