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Gary and I went to an estate sale for Dewy, WØZUS, who Gary had talked to on the 160m AM net. It was an amazing collection of gear being auctioned off to hopefully find more use and to help out his widow. The collection of gear was simply amazing, in quantity, condition, and especially some of the home made gear. I couldn't even begin to do justice to it all, but did record a few shots of the gear and the activities.

While I have presented some of the shots in a humorous fashion, the event was really a bittersweet affair. Amazing to see so much well kept vintage gear, sad not to have met the man who was responsible for collecting and maintaining it, heartwarming to know that at least a good portion of it was going on to further use, depressing to see how little it brought in auction.

I am very glad I was able to go - it was a very unique experience in my ham career.
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