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Brian led the group on one of his patented 4WD excursions, with phenomenal weather and lots of scenic sights. I once again 'wimped out' (with zero regrets!) and instead of driving came along as a passenger, spending the first part of the trip getting 'adjusted' by bouncing about in the back of Mike M.'s jeep :) Eventually I was able to move up to the front seat, where the ride was a teensy bit smoother. We had an assortment of vehicles making the trip, from jeeps to Jeff's huge F-350 black smoke belching behemoth (which eventually was placed at the back of the caravan due to its distinctive exhaust). Definitely a fun time.

The lighting was a little flat, but there were still a few frames I liked. Lots of unique views to be had from these trails. Will have to figure out how to get up there at the right time of day for some better lighting. But I am not going to drive it myself. Even though the trail was only rated as a '3' it is out of my league for sure :)
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