So our first stop after driving up Trail Ridge Road to rainbow Curve looked very cool. The light was very interesting on the tops of the peaks, and things were quite dynamic. Early on Dan stated 'it seems a bit hazy', to which I replied 'oh, it's not that bad' - Dan would be proven right after I examined my images.

Net result, lots of clicks, maybe one borderline keeper (still deciding...)

These images are in 3 sets:
Images 1 thru 4 - a typical set of bracketed images

Images 5 thru 9 - working a set of bracketed images until I actually got something I liked in B&W
Images 10 and 11 - An example of not tightly framing up what I eventually considered the interesting part of the scene
Typical Bracket, UnderexposureTypical Bracket, Metered ExposureTypical Bracket, OverexposureFirst CompositeMountain Valley, Underexposed ImageMountain Valley, Metered ImageMountain Valley, OverexposedMountain Valley, HDR, ColorMountain Valley, Cropped, B&WOne of many grab shots...Later Processing and Analysis...