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I have had a couple of chances to spend some time photographing in Norway. On my first visit I spent time in Tromsø, and then rented a car for a day of shooting on the islands of Kvaløya, and Sommarøy as well. My second visit was a great trip with my wife, that had us flying into Tromsø and then driving down to the beautiful Lofoten Islands for a few days.

The country is a scenic photographer's paradise and really needs to be on the bucket list of any scenic photographer. I have still only scratched the surface of the photo opportunities in Norway, and hope to someday have a chance to come back.
Sommarøy Beach ViewSommarøy VistaLiving On The EdgeOn The Road To Find OutPristine CountryGrøtfjord VistaRocky ShoreOut To Sea At SunsetSeptember SunWeather EverywhereHaukland BeachHike Up MannenHike Up Mannen  #2Uttakleiv BeachWeak AuroraPastel PeaksReine SunsetThe E-10 HighwaySliver of SunSun and Fog