A second remote astro session with my gear down in AZ was quite productive, in spite of some issues with smoke from the many devastating fires in CA and AZ. I was able to very efficiently collect a large amount of data on either side of the new moon and produced a good amount of images. This time I was mostly imaging in narrowband, with only one galaxy based image in the set.
With longer periods of time to dedicate to the post processing I think my post processing skills are improving as well.
M33 in HaLRGBThe Crescent Nebula in NarrowbandFishhead Nebula (IC1795) in Hubble PaletteFishhead Nebula in Modified SHO PaletteHelix Nebula, NGC7293, In NarrowbandPacman Nebula, NGC281, In NarrowbandThe Lion Nebula, (Sh2-132), in Narrowband BiColor