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We took a summer trip to Florida, and stayed for a week on the gulf coast side right near Englewood beach, before taking off farther south to hit a couple of the national parks and drive through the Florida Keys. While the heat index was brutal (maybe June isn't the best time to visit :) ) but the sunsets and scenery didn't disappoint, and yummmmmm, the seafood was magnifico! (Did I mention it was HOT? :) )
Sharky's Pier at SunsetUnder Sharky's PierImmature White IbisLittle Blue HeronRoseate SpoonbillsSanibel Island LighthouseSunset in Red White and BlueClouds and 'Sunshine'Boca Grande SunsetRough CustomerHow Many?Bad RideLast Of The SunOn The Way To Dry TortugasFort Jefferson Baking In The SunDry Tortugas National ParkSo Many BricksLast View of The Fort