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The Lewis family used to go on vacation to Sheepscott Pond (now more rightfully called a lake, hey, it's 140 feet deep for pete's sake!) almost every year from 1961 until around 1972 or so. In 2010, the 3 of us (Carol, Dan and Mike), along with our families, decided to take a trip back to the same lake for a reunion/vacation of sorts.

It was interesting to see how little the lake and the surrounding area had changed, and for the 3 of us, it was also fun attempting to find the original cabin (still on the lake, but under new owners, and with some modifications). The weather was great, the fishing was not (at least partially due to the lack of any kind of a motorboat to get around the lake in), but everyone, including all the rest of the family members, had a fun and relaxing visit.

At the end of the time on the lake, the CO contingent of the Lewis clan went and visited Dan & Ann's place in Worcester, MA.
Carol heads out on the lakeMatthew chillin' in WorcesterKristen on the patioDan in the small kayakGroup Pic #1A piece of family history...Group Pic #2