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A 1 week driving trip to 3 national parks in Washington state followed our AK cruise. The weather was essentially the opposite of the rainy and foggy cruise weather, with sunshine predominating all but the 1st and last days. The 3 parks were very different, each having a different sort of feel. We had one night in North Cascades, followed by 3 nights in Olympic National Park, and finishing up with 2 nights in Mount Rainer National Park. We could have spent more time in each for sure.
Claudia at North Cascades National ParkMike at North Cascades National ParkThe Sun Breaks ThroughEarly SnowRacing The SunClaudia at Entrance to HOH RainforestMike at Entrance to HOH RainforestAmazing SunsetAmazing Sunset #2Moonlit BeachAdmiring the ViewLast Rays On Mount RainierMount Rainier WeatherAmazing Hiking ViewHiking HappinessMassive WashoutRanger Station View