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My wife and I took a trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It was a real treat, even though the weather at the time we had available to go was mostly rainy. The area is famous for its scenic beauty and I would have to say that reputation is well earned. When the weather conditions permitted, there were amazing scenes everywhere. The 2 supposed easy hikes turned out to be very challenging for us though, and we were not able to climb to the top either day. But there were still some wonderful vistas to be experienced even partway up each of the peaks we attempted.
September SunWeather EverywhereHaukland BeachHike Up MannenHike Up Mannen  #2Uttakleiv BeachWeak AuroraReine SunsetSliver of SunSun and FogReine Morning ViewThe E-10 HighwayThe Long ViewView Out To SeaOffersøykammen PanoramaPastel PeaksStormy CountryAurora in Downtown TromsøAurora in Downtown Tromsø #2Aurora in Kvaløya